Patch Notes

Beta Test Demo ver.1.1.0 Patch Notes

Update Date: 2024.5.20 [JST]

Thank you for playing the Inazuma Eleven Worldwide Beta Test Demo.
Since the release, we have received feedback from many players around the world via "Inazuma Post."

After careful consideration of the opinions and feedback provided by the community, the following adjustments have been made for the version 1.1.0 update (unlocking Story Mode and more) on Monday, May 20th, 2024, at 8:00 PM (JST).

We will continue to improve the quality to make gameplay even more enjoyable, and really appreciate your continued cooperation in beta testing.

  • * The adjustment details and specifications are subject to change.
  • * All translations in this page are tentative. There is a possibility that they may change upon official release.
  • * This page is translated into English only.
  • * Screenshots display the Japanese version of the game.
  • * Items that were published before May 20th and were subsequently updated have been underlined.

May 20, 2024, 8 PM (JST) Update Release
Beta Test Demo ver.1.1.0 Planned Revisions and Additions

  • Addition of "Story Mode"

    Unlocked the Story Mode in the title menu, allowing you to experience the story of a new protagonist, Destin Billows.

    The first chapter adapted for the demo version, "You Still have Football," is now playable.

  • Addition of the "Player Guidebook" (Updated 05/20)

    Added the "Player Guidebook" to the title menu. Inside, the "Scene Archives" allow you to replay previously-viewed visual scenes.
    In the demo, only the endings of each mode are available.

  • Implementation of a Penalty for Improper Disconnects

    • Any player who disconnects improperly automatically loses, and the opponent is awarded the victory.
    • Even if the game is disconnected midway, the player who did not disconnect keeps all items acquired up to that point.
      * The items obtained by the player who is judged to have disconnected improperly are confiscated. If the match ends during the first half, neither player receives experience points. If the first half has concluded, the player who didn't cause the disconnect receives halfthe experience points.
    • A message is displayed depending on the situation of the disconnect:
    • [When an improper disconnect is detected]
      [When an opponent disconnects]

    If repeated improper disconnects occur within one hour, the player will be temporarily banned from online matches for a certain duration.

    1st Offense: Warning message displayed
    2nd Offense: 5 minutes banned from online matches
    3rd Offense: 10 minutes banned from online matches
    4th Offense: 15 minutes banned from online matches...
    * For offenses from the 2nd one onwards: (Number of offenses - 1) × 5 minutes ban from online matches.

  • Addition of the "Concede" Function During Matches

    To remove incentives for intentional disconnects, if you determine that there is no chance of winning, you're now able to choose to Concede to legitimately end the match at any point.

    When a match ends due to a player conceding, both players keep any items already obtained.
    If the match ends during the first half, neither player will receive experience points.
    If the first half has concluded, the winning player will receive half the experience points.

  • Measures Against Lag in Online Matches

    • The amount of data transmitted has been reduced to approximately 10%.
    • We have optimized the program to be more resilient against lag.
  • Revamping the UI for Training Characters

    Move players in Team Dock and other commands have been removed from the Team Dock menu.
    These functions, including changing tactics, formations, and uniforms, are being consolidated into the Training menu.

  • Addition of "Match History" in Competition Mode

    You are now able to check your past match history in a list format.

  • Addition of a "Block List"

    We are introducing the ability to add players to a block list and to report from match history.

  • Addition of "This Week's Player Score"

    We have added a display for player scores, which will determine eligibility for official online tournaments, etc.
    Scores are accumulated based on weekly Ranked Match play and performance.

  • Implementation of "Advantage Judgement"

    If you want to avoid the game ending in a tie, you are now able to use Advantage Judgement to determine the outcome.
    When turning on the Advantage Judgement setting in lobby matches, in case of a tie, the winner will be decided based on an official set of rules and an evaluation of the players' performance for the match.
    * This setting applies to all matches in the lobby if any participant or spectator has it enabled.

  • Added Focus Victory Count to Mid-Match Log Display

    During the half-time break, the mid-match log now displays the number of shots, possession percentage, and number of Focus Battle victories.

  • Addition of "Build Type Icons"

    Build Type Icons are now displayed in the passive description section, making it easier for all kinds of players to understand team building strategies.

  • Changes to the Uniform Setting UI

    When purchasing and changing uniforms, you are now able to see them on the character models.

  • Fixed an Error with the Duration of Tactics Effects

    • The effect timer no longer stops during Zone and Focus.
      * Basically, the effect timer continues counting down as long as the characters are movable.
    • The effect timer is paused during command input wait times.
    • During the slow-motion phase in the Zone, the timer counts down according to the slow-motion ratio.
    • The effect duration of all Tactics has been changed to 40 seconds.
  • "Tutorial AI" Mode

    Players who have not yet completed tutorial conditions will now play against a lower difficulty AI.
    Once you clear the tutorial quests, the Tutorial AI will be turned off.

  • Solving the Issue of the Bots Being Too Strong Initially

    • Implementation of Tutorial AI to provide you with more practice flexibility.
    • While Tutorial AI is on, the Bots will not use Tactics.
    • The Tutorial AI takes longer to shoot to make it easier to establish defensive Zones.
    • Reduced pass frequency.
      Bots no longer pass out of Focus Battles.
    • Focus Battle difficulty is slightly decreased.
    • Dribbling speed is slightly slower.
    • Adjusted the level of the "Inazuma Class" National Champs.
  • Changes to Tutorial Videos

    • The tutorials have been changed to short pages of text with videos.
    • Read the text at your own pace.
    • Added explanations regarding areas and conditions where the Special Moves can be used, and their cool-down time.
  • Changes to the UI for Special Move Commands

    • Added a "Position Icon" in front of the name of each Special Move, making it more easily understandable when they're usable.
    • Icons for "Long Shot" and "Shot Block" have also been added to the right side of the Special Move display.
  • Characters No Longer Commit Blatant Offside Offences

    • Adjusted the AI to be less prone to taking offside positions.
    • Adjusted both the defending and attacking FW's positioning strategies.
    • The offside rule has been enabled.
  • Brand-new Information Display and Confirmation Options for the Tactics UI

    • Displays effect durations for Tactics and Super Tactics (for both players).
    • Can be called up to check the remaining time using the L Button.
  • Changes to Character Switching UI on Defence

    • Changes to the display of character switching when defending.
    • The display was changed from a circle to a vector.
  • New Action: "Through Pass"

    By holding down the B Button, you're now able to easily adjust the direction of your pass, enabling what is known as a Through Pass.

  • Changes to "Dash Attack" (Updated 05/20)

    • When dribbling, the dash cooldown is no longer reset by passing.
    • While dribbling, after the dash gauge's cooldown has ended, the dash gauge now recovers gradually instead of instantly.
  • Equipped Boots Showing on the Character Model (Updated 05/20)

    • Changes to the equipped boots will now be reflected on character models both in menus and during matches.
    • You can change the appearance to match the worn uniform or the equipped boots.
  • Changes to "Breach" and "Save"

    • Changed the timing of the Tension check for Breach/Save.
      Tension will be checked at the time of the shot on the goal.
    • Breach/Save buff and debuff effects, as well as their display, have been changed from multiplication to addition.
  • Changes to the Calculation and Display of "Breach" and "Save"
    (Updated 05/20)

    • Added a "Power List" where you can check the values of "Breach Rate," "Save Rate," "Technical Combo," and "Bond Power" when shooting.
    • In cases other than Normal Shot vs Normal Catch, added a display for final Shot AT and KP bonuses when goalkeeper catches.
    • The "Power List" can be turned on/off.
  • Major Changes to the Calculation Specifications of Breach

    Breach has been modified to convert a percentage of Tension into proportional damage to Keeper Power.

    Breach now reduces KP by the same percentage as the Tension left in the Tension Gauge.
    The opposing keeper will suffer KP damage equal to the combined total of Shot AT and Breach damage.
    Tension converted into KP damage by a Breach will be consumed.

    * Tension is not consumed unless a goal is scored.
    The Tension consumed upon scoring is proportional to the reduction in the opponent's KP.

  • Adjustments to "Invincible Keeper"

    • Fixed a bug related to the duration of the effect.
    • The effect will expire once a shot is stopped.
  • Changes to "Lucky Fever" Specifications

    The effects on both Breach and Save have each been changed by 10%.

    • Opponent's Breach rate: -10% (from 10% to 0%)
    • Your Save rate: +10% (from 10% to 20%)
  • Changes to Messages Shown During Ranked Matchmaking

    • The matchmaking status will be displayed for improvement in clarity when streaming.
  • Display of Level Difference Bonus on Ranked Match Showdown Screen

    • A display has been added to make the existing level difference bonus clearer.
  • Other Adjustments

    • The sorting preferences on the Spirits screen will now be saved.
    • The confirmation requirement for spectators during lobby matches has been removed.
    • Added an option to hide passwords in lobby matches.
    • Adjustments to Character Data
      All characters now have one Special Move from the beginning.
  • Default Cursor Position Inside the Frame During Shot Chain and Similar Actions

    During Shot Chain events, many players found it difficult to notice that the cursor shifts away from the goal frame, preventing them from pressing the skill button. To address this issue, the default position of the cursor for the second and subsequent shooters in the chain has been adjusted to always start within the goal frame.

  • Challenge the Alius Masters on "Legendary Hero" Difficulty

    • Added "Legendary Hero" Alius Masters to Competition Mode.
      This is accompanied by the addition of new Special Moves.
    • Considering the impact on online play, the challenge is limited to 5 times per day.
    • Adjusted the high-difficulty CPU.
    • Defeating the "Legendary Hero" Alius Masters will change the user's nameplate to a special version.
  • Addition of a Sticker Function

    Communication using stickers is now possible during matches and within the match lobby.

    • Implemented on/off settings and a cooldown for stickers.
  • Addition of Landing Motions After Activating "Special Moves"

    Landing motions after using a Special Move have been added to enhance the atmosphere.

  • Game Balance Adjustments

    The experience points you can earn in Bot battles has been doubled.

    Character data has been adjusted so that all characters have one special move available from the beginning.

  • Cross-Save Interface

    It will be possible to save data for transferring from Nintendo Switch to other platforms.

    * The release date for the Beta Test Demo version on PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4 / Steam will be announced as soon as it is decided. * An Epic Games account is required to use Cross Saves.

  • Tension Display During Spectating

    The Tension levels of both players are now displayed on the spectating screen, making the state of the match clearer.

  • Goalkeeper Control

    During a defensive Zone, you're now able to switch control to the goalkeeper.

  • Name Display on Certain Uniforms

    On some kits, the character's name is now displayed above the jersey number.

  • Addition of Uniforms and Emblems

    Emblems related to the story have been added to the shop.
    On top of that, new uniforms will be added upon clearing Story Mode.

  • Addition of More Goal Celebration Types

    Added ten new types of goal celebrations.
    A random celebration will be selected from three options specific to each personality type.

  • Addition of Pass Mode/Kick Mode Toggle Feature

    Changed the system so you can toggle between Pass Mode and Kick Mode by pressing ZL Button.

    • Kick power lines now start from a somewhat extended state.
      * Improving the ease of switching to Kick Mode.
  • Visual Improvement: Ball Rotation in the Goal Net

    When a goal is scored, the ball will continue to rotate in the net.

  • Improved Player Positioning during Free Kicks

    Player positioning during free kicks has been improved, making it easier to defend with DF players.

  • Focus Adjustment Near the Touchline

    When Focus occurs near the touchline, the game has been adjusted to make it less likely for the defender's slide to go out of bounds.

  • Added the Ability to Change Uniform Numbers

    Added a feature to allow players to change their uniform numbers.

  • Level During Rarity Upgrade

    Leveling up now requires different amounts of experience depending on the rarity.
    When a character's rarity is upgraded, their level will decrease if they lack the necessary experience points.

  • Battle Balance Adjustment: "Counter" Builds

    We have adjusted the conditions for Counter builds' passive effect to occur.
    The condition of having Tension below 30% has been removed, and the effect will now activate for 15 seconds after regaining possession of the ball, except through a catch.

    The damage reduction effect on KP has been changed to an increase in KP.

  • Battle Balance Adjustment: Changed Dvalin's Passive

    Changed a passive effect when using Dvalin as keeper.

    【Before Change】
    When opposition passes out during Focus, Tension +10%
    【After Change】
    When team wins Focus or Scramble, Tension +5%
  • Battle Balance Adjustment: Clear's Status Adjustments

    Significantly increased Clear's "Agility."

    We have adjusted stats other than "Agility" to ensure that the feel of use remains unchanged, and to create options for using her as goalkeeper.

  • Battle Balance Adjustment: Changes to Some Characters' Special Moves

    For match balance, we have changed some characters' Special Moves.

    Southern Cross → Asteroid Belt
    Plasma Cut → Asteroid Belt
    Ignited Steal → Asteroid Belt
  • Battle Balance Adjustment: Pass Out

    • Changed the Tension gained by a team when an opposing player passes out from 12 to 30 points.
    • Reduced the time until a new Focus can occur after a pass out.
  • Battle Balance Adjustment: Tactics

    "Bond Protocol"
    【Overall Effect】Bond Power reduction effectiveness has been increased to 100%.
    "Flame Fortress"
    【Overall Effect】Changed the AT increase to a +10% KP increase.
    "Diamond Defence"
    【Geoglyph Effect】Changed the Save rate increase effect from +25% to +5%.
  • Translation Quality Improvement

    In the previous Beta Demo Version 1.0.0, some translations were not done correctly.
    In the upcoming update, we have corrected the relevant sections and revised the translation process to improve quality.

  • New Content for Competition Mode

    Addition of the new character "Beta" and new Special Moves.

    Addition of the "Protocol Omega 2.0" Kit.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where characters not involved in the Scramble were facing random directions.
    • Fixed a bug where players do not actively go to retrieve the ball when it lands between them.
    • Fixed various minor bugs.
  • New Feature Planned for the Final Release

    • Manager AI Mode

    This mode will allow you to become the manager, develop characters, create your own team, and control matches by giving instructions.

    You will be able to pre-determine the behavior of character AI, allowing you to compete against opponents regardless of fingertip technique or agility.

Nintendo Switch INAZUMA ELEVEN: Victory Road
Worldwide Beta Test Demo
"Leave Your Inazuma Mark on the World!"
Release Date 3/28/2024, 11:00 AM (GMT) *The download availability period for the Nintendo Switch version has concluded as of June 28, 2024, 2:59 PM (GMT). Online play will be available until September 30, 2024, 2:59 PM (GMT).
File Size Approx. 5 GB
English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)
  • *To use online play, a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online (paid) is required.
PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4 INAZUMA ELEVEN: Victory Road
"Leave Your Inazuma Mark on the World!"
Release Date 7/18/2024, 11:00 AM (GMT)
File Size Approx. 7 GB
English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)
  • *To use online play, a subscription to PlayStation®Plus (paid) is required.
Steam® INAZUMA ELEVEN: Victory Road
Worldwide Beta Test Demo
"Leave Your Inazuma Mark on the World!"
Release Date 7/18/2024, 11:00 AM (GMT)
File Size Approx. 17 GB
English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)
  • *The name for the PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4 versions differs from that of the Steam version, but the contents are the same.
  • *Please note that the exact download size may differ from the specified file size.
  • *An Epic Games account is necessary to use Cross Save with INAZUMA ELEVEN: Victory Road.
  • *Character training data can be saved.
  • *Beta test data cannot be transferred to the final version.

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