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INAZUMA ELEVEN: Victory Road/Three Modes

Story Mode/INAZUMA ELEVEN: Victory Road

A boy who yearns for a world without soccer. Unmei Sasanami A soccer monster who stands atop of the world. Haru Endo Their encounter marks the start of a magnificent tale. Thanks to the friends he met at Nagumohara Junior High, Unmei manages to regain his passion for soccer. Together, they try to revive the neglected soccer club. Will they be able to topple Raimon Junior High, the reigning champions? An underdog story about overcoming hardships, growth and challenging the very strongest! That is the new Inazuma Eleven!

Unmei Sasanami
Haru Endo

New Mode Victory Road Online Tournament

Compete in a huge online tournament and aim for the top!



  • Unmei Sasanami
  • Joji Sakurazaki
  • Heita Kisoji
  • Raika Shinohara
  • Garyu Shisendo
  • Suruga Yagyu
  • Kameo Kodokai
  • Haru Endo
  • Ren Tsukikage
  • Focus

    Feel the heat of midfield tactics!
    Break through the opponents standing in your way!

  • Zone(Attacking)

    Goalmouth battles! Give orders as time slows down!
    Score beautiful goals!

  • Zone(Defending)

    Instruct your defenders to take position and create barriers to block shots!

  • Scramble

    Choose the next action and scramble for the ball coming your way!

  • Tension Gauge

    Use the Tension Gauge to pull off special moves!
    Manage your Tension carefully and fight efficiently!

  • Keeper Gauge

    No matter how strong the opponent's goalkeeper is, if you deplete the gauge, you can score!

  • Shot Chain

    Pass to your teammate with a special shot!
    Unleash a powerful shot with added force!

  • Shot Blocking

    Prevent shots and weaken their attack power with defensive shot blocking skills!

  • Long Shot

    Shoot at the opponent's goal from your own half!
    Can be activated during Focus!



Animation Produced by MAPPA!
The in-game cut-scenes and other animation were produced in collaboration with the animation studio MAPPA.
The game features more hours of full-blown animation than ever, elevating the story, and making it even more dramatic and enjoyable!