Patch Notes

Beta Test Demo(PS5/PS4/Steam)ver.1.1.4 Patch Notes

Update Date: 2024.6.7 [JST]

Thank you for playing the Inazuma Eleven Worldwide Beta Test Demo.
Since the update on May 20, we have received feedback from many players around the world via "Inazuma Post."

After careful consideration of the opinions and feedback provided by the community,
we plan to make the following adjustments in the upcoming version 1.1.4 update for the PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/Steam versions soon to be released.

  • *The release date for the PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/Steam versions will be announced at a later date.
  • *The download availability period of the Nintendo Switch version will, as previously stated, conclude on Friday, June 28, at 11:59 PM (JST).
    Please note that an update is not planned for the Nintendo Switch version.
    The demo version will be playable for a certain period of time after the download availability period.

We will continue to improve the quality to make gameplay even more enjoyable, and greatly appreciate your continued cooperation in beta testing.

  • *The adjustment details and specifications are subject to change.
  • *All translations in this page are tentative. There is a possibility that they may change upon official release.
  • *This page is translated into English only.
  • *Screenshots display the Japanese version of the game.

Beta Test Demo ver.1.1.4 Planned Revisions and Additions

  • Adjustments for the PS5/PS4/Steam Versions

    • 4K support, HDR support, high frame rate support, and more.
    • ON/OFF setting for HQ Mode.
    • Changes to the title screen for certain platforms.
  • Additional Storyline and Gameplay Features

    • You will be able to experience the continuation of the main story, picking up from where Briar/Sakurazaki kicks the football.
    • As a new feature, the Football Chest gimmick will change based on your story progression.
  • Parameters Updated to the Final Release Version's Specifications

    The Training Gauge, initially planned for the final release version, will be implemented in this update ahead of time.

  • Improvements to Focus Squabbles

    • Pressing the L2 button during combat will bring up icons showing the enemies' Rock Paper Scissors hands.
      Additionally, this display will remain on the screen for a short period of time after releasing the button.

    • The Recovery button will flash when you're in a pinch.
    • Tutorials have been added to better explain the Rock Paper Scissors and Recovery features.
    • The player's cooldowns have been decreased, effectively speeding up the pace of combat.
  • Implementation of Training Effects

    To increase motivation for Focus Squabbles, "Training Effects" originally intended to appear partway through the story will now be displayed at the start of combat.

  • Gradual Changes in the Focus Squabble System

    With the addition of new story content, you will experience the Focus Squabble System evolving to resemble football more closely as the story progresses.

  • Cats Are Pettable

    You will be able to pet cats. By doing so, you may gain an increase in Training parameters or obtain items.

  • Improvements to Football Chests

    • An arrow indicating the direction of the kick has been implemented for more accurate aiming.
    • Items dropped from Football Chests can be picked up from a more forgiving distance.
  • Addition of Equipment and Outfits

    • You will be able to obtain equipment usable in Story Mode.
    • You can customize the appearance of your character by equipping different outfits.
  • Camera Sensitivity Settings

    • The default camera sensitivity will be slightly increased, and the speed can be adjusted in the Options.
  • Improvements to the Map

    • A full-screen map display for close-up areas will be added.
    • An option to rotate the Minimap will be added, and can be turned ON/OFF in the Options.
  • Adjustments to the Quest Marker

    • The sorting priority of the UI above characters will be improved.
    • A marker for quest items will be displayed onscreen.
  • Other Bugs and UI Changes

    Minor bugs and UI changes will also be addressed.

Worldwide Beta Test Demo
"Leave Your Inazuma Mark on the World!"
Release Date March 28, 2024, 11:00 (GMT) Global Launch Timing
Downloadable Mar 28, 2024⁠ – 14:59 Jun 28, 2024 (GMT)
Nintendo Switch
File Size Approx. 5 GB
English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)
  • *To use online play, a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online (paid) is required.
  • *Character training data can be saved.
  • *Beta test data cannot be transferred to the final version.

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